The Hahnville Volunteer Fire Department’s response area covers 15 square miles, serving the 3rd district of St.Charles Parish and includes 2 school buildings, a 3 story courthouse for St Charles Parish, as well as multiple neighborhoods. We also have a very vast and diverse industrial area that is along the Mississippi River, aiding many industrial facilities such as: Dow Chemical, Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant, and various others. The Hahnville Volunteer Fire Dept. is very committed and involved in the safety and protection of its community. HVFD currently maintains 3 pumpers, 1 Rescue, and a salvage unit that carries 3000 feet of large diameter hose.


The Hahnville Volunteer Fire Department was organized in August 2, 1967 with 30 charter members. The fire department was known as the KTH (Killona, Taft, Hahnville) Volunteer Fire Department until April 16, 1979 when the name change to the Hahnville volunteer Fire Department due to Killona forming their own department. The department started out with a single 1946 Seagrave 500 gpm pumper which was purchased for the sum of $1000. The truck was housed in personal sheds until a fire station could be built in 1969 utilizing the firefighters labor to erect. Funding for the department in the early days was very limited and acquired from fairs, door to door collections and can shakes on the highway. Much of the early progress was paid for by the fire fighters out of their own pockets.

Department History